So how are we meant to use speakers with the Xbox One?

Very few Speakers actually have optical, all mine are all analogue like RCA, 3.5mm or the coaxial spdif. My TVs only have optical out, no optical in ports and so there is no way to get the audio off the system...

I don't get why they'd make a system without at least having a 3.5mm jack port there. 

HDMI audio is the worst, it has high latency and screw playing Rocksmith 3 (if it ever comes out) on an Xbox One because it'll have such high latency unless you're willing to invest loads into all new gear.


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[quote user="slannmage"]Very few Speakers actually have optical,[/quote]Very few speakers work without an amplifier of some sort.[quote]all mine are all analogue like RCA, 3.5mm or the coaxial spdif.[/quote]I'm going to assume you mean powered speakers.[quote]I don't get why they'd make a system without at least having a 3.5mm jack port there.[/quote]Home speakers are not typically 3.5mm. You're thinking of powered computer speakers.

There are digital to analog audio adapters available. They cost around $20. They convert optical to stereo. One of those adapters and the requisite cables will provide you a 3.5mm plug for whatever you want to attach.

Shouldn't this be in the A/V forums?

My T.V only has digital audio output and my surround sound only has analog intput so i bought a digital to analog audio converter, so i have my xbox connected to my tv via HDMI then the digital audio out from the tv to the converter, then finally from the converter to my surround sound via a L/R AUX cable. That's how i get sound from the xbox to speakers.

Optical sound bars and speakers are getting increasingly common but admittedly can be a bit steep. A converter is definitely one of the top options if you want to use an existing setup. Failing that, your TV will probably have a 3.5mm jack but that would obviously cancel the output from the TV speakers.

I have a soundbar that uses hdmi only, and my tv supports arc, no issues here and it was fairly priced too.  also has hdmi passthrough so I don't lose an hdmi port.

On a related note. Does anyone know if there's a way to get Turtle Beach PX3 connected to my tv or xbox one? On the transmitter box there's only options for ps3, xbox 360 and pc. Do you think connecting it directly to the TV in pc mode would work? cheers.

Besides the soundboards mentioned above, invest money into things below.  I have had these two for at least 10 years and they still rock the house.

Up front, the investment for me was around $800 years ago.  I would think in today's audio market you could fine comparable equipment or better for less.  That would last just as long.  And of note the Infinity speakers will be just out of warranty this year.  So, if you want something that will be protected for a long time. You will need to pony up for quality goods.

I have a 41" soundbar with optical and now that they released the March update with Dolby Digital it sounds amazing.

Soundbars are a cheap solution for surround sound audio. My friend has a $600 Bose surround sound system with 2 speakers and a sub and he admittedly said my $140 soundbar and sub sounds just as good or better.

Yeah, everyone had their preferences.  But with Bose, I have never heard anyone say anything bad about the Bose Soundwave.  That thing is unbelievable, for being the size of an old school lunch box. I use a LG soundboard with my cable TV.  A lot easier for my tech challenged wife to operate.