So Did Being Able To Play As Your Favourite Club Online Go Out The Window Along With The Ability To Make A Decent Video Game?

  • Why can't I play as chelsea online
  • Why do I get paired against people who are 95's when Im only 75?
  • Wheres the jukebox
  • Why don't I Get acheivements if douchebags quit?

Seriously EA. Seriously?


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Ok, you cant blame EA for FIFA having the second worst online community only just behind CoD


Its the same issue with every EA game but you just keep buying into the hype, giving them your money then you spend days either spamming about the games before they come out then spamming about the misery of them after you have bought them lol


You are a Fifa fan, I suggest you take  deep breath and just enjoy the game for what is is

Unfortunately net coding can't detect idiots.

I just don't understand why people can't lose gracefully.

Why Do You Capitalise Every Word Of Your Thread Title? It Reads Weird. And Why Do You Post This Topic Every Week?

Do yourself a favour kid don't buy fifa anymore

Its nothing to do with it being FIFA or COD its because they have two of the biggest communities hence they have more morons. EVERY game ive ever played has people who quit when there getting spanked right down to chess and draughts on spyglass board games, so dont try make out its because of the games as its moronic