So. A Service problem for people after a kid in Black Ops lobby

I dont remember his name because I cannot log on as of now but it said service alert and it was right after this kid was telling everyone he's gonna kick their IP from xbox. Most time this is just an arrogant child but I dont believe in coincidences so I thought I'd let ppl know.


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i cant log into xbox live now

No, I am having this same problem. I was in a game of Black Ops 2 today and it just disconnected me from Live, when I had great connection, so I downloaded my profile again it is just giving me errors. I cant log in at all. :/

[quote user="xXTheRebirthXx"]I dont believe in coincidences[/quote]It's a coincidence.

It's been down for like 20 minutes, it says on the service status.

I don't even own Black Ops and I got the problem as well, so it is a very unique coincidence broski.

I wouldn't read too much into what people on Xbox Live say, when it concerns "hacking/kicking/ddosing" IPs. :)

It's an issue that Xbox is aware of and working on. (heck, it might even already be fixed, let me go check)