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I've seen lots of footage of touch screen Smartglass usage for games like Battlefield 4 and The Division. Is it exclusively for touch screen tablets or could you use those features from say, a Laptop? I've never really used it before, so I'm not sure what it offers.


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I believe that its only on tablets and phones or touch screen devices

There is a Smartglass app for Windows 8 PC's.  Download link is near the bottom of this page:

As above it exists, I should imagine it will be optimized for touch though so it'll be better on a phone or tablet (unless you have a touchscreen laptop).

Yeah I have the Smartglass app on my Laptop, just wanted to see if I could use my laptop like the tablets but with a mouse. Thanks for your help.

Does not work on touchscreen laptops (yet?)

the smartglass app is good for all tablet devices.... seems to work much better with a windows tablet for obvious reasons... and all games are linked to the smartglass.. its called Companion  some games are good with it.. others are useless... for instance.. BF4 is not companioned on smartglass but has its own stand alone commander app for only Android and apple

as far as laptops and PCs.... do not know why.... but there is no smart glass option for them...

games like battefield will tell you that there are features that are not compatible with your phone, tablet only devices.  So it depends on what you're hoping to do with smartglass.

For me the BF4 commander app is better then using the in game commander mode.

Does anyone know if SmartGlass is working on getting there companion for bf4..just bought a surface2 and it doesn't with xb1 and bf4...s