small hairs on disc?

Ive always wondered but never asked, can that hurt the disc or xbox? i just bought a used game today and it seems like most games i have or bought have like small hairs on the discs.


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Like actual hairs? or hair like scratches on the surface of the disk?


Some games will play fine with hair like scratches fine. I have a few that are really bad, and still play fine (THOUGH i ALWAYS download to HD for those games)


If you are talking about regular hairs (which you most likely are not) then whip out the feather duster on it. Though hair may not cause any damage to the disk, once inside the console, it can settle in pplaces you really dont want things to settle within the console itself.

Sure hope you weren't referring to real "small hairs:"  If this is the case, let me suggest you change the location of where you are purchasing your used games immediately.  In the other case, take your game to be resurfaced, it will get rid of the scratches and make sure its clean.

well some are hair like surface scratches but i actually do get like small hairs or fuzzy, whatever it is on my discs. just wondered if that could actually damage my xbox? i get them on like all my discs

Where are you putting these discs, Austin?  Actually..wait... I don't want to know.

There is no way I would risk putting a game in my Xbox that had any kind of grout on it, you should really have these resurfaced to avoid damage to your console.

Sounds like the game disk just started puberty...