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Hi, Recently my 360 seems to take forever to download anything? Does anyone have any idea what it could be or how to fix it.



My son's xbox downloads quickly but mine has just slowed right down, both consoles are wired. Mine is a slim and my sons is a premium. Both have open nat. Tried it with just my 360 0n but makes no difference. Reset home hub 3 and modem as have infinity, cleared cache. Really can't think of what else to do, but it is getting really annoying now..........




So please any suggestions? Thanks.


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My guess what be down to your internet speed and not your xbox. I am in Germany and connected and its mega slow to download - Demos can take me all day..............When I was at home I had the same drama with one xbox connected - what it turned out to be that I didn't have a  filter on my second phone connection- I am with sky and when you get your kit you get some filters, once I had the filter on my speed picked up............I am no tinternet geek but other things to try - Make sure your wireless on your modem is off incase someone else is tapping in and getting the tinternet off you reducing your speed - or just phone your provider and explain the case they may give you better guidance etc.......................Good luck.

@ KALEEF ...


If it's not a broadband issue like Mr Maccadoooo suggested .....


Have you tried deleting your profile and recovering it?


A few months back I was getting issues where it took me an age to bring up my friends list, look at achievements, downloads didn't seem to bad but it was slower than usual and even though me and the wife are wired to the same BT Home Hub she had no issues.


After deleting and then recovering my gamertag again every worked fine! I'm not sure why this did work, I'm not very technicle when it comes to all this lol but it might be worth a shot.


I'm sure you do but just make sure if you take my advice you have all your details, passwords etc and when it asks you what you want to delete just click on 'Profile Only'


Good luck mate and if these suggestions don't work I'm sure others will have some ideas.

Thanks guys,

Like I said in my opening post I knew it wasn't my internet connection as my sons 360 on the same connection to the hub was fine. So I deleted my profile as suggested by lofty as was meant to do it a while ago as had an achievement problem. So finally deleted nd re downloaded my account nd all back to normal.

So thanks again.