Slim to Slim Content Transfer?

Hey everyone! I just got the gears 3 console and all my stuff is on my original slim.... I don't think there is an official way to tranfers everything yet, but if someone knows a way could they please help me out?


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You can order A transfer cable from 18004MYXBOX for slim to slim transfer or use a thumb drive. I used A thumb drive and It took forever, wish I would have ordered A cable.

Is it free like when you originally had to tranfer data from two of the old consoles? I was so amazed with xbox when they did that and now they charge $20 for them! What about if I used a portable harddrive? Would it still take ages, or is there any highier risk of losing data?

Just incase anyone is interested, I tried calling the number in the above post and it said disconnected so I called the normal xbox support number and asked. They informed me that there is a slim to slim transfer cable on the way which we can buy from retailers soon. So I'm calling back on Monday to discuss the option of getting it for free. Hope this helps some people!

Once the dashboard update comes (with cloud storage), things will be much easier. A portable hard drive does you no good because it won't recognize Xbox specific files. The usb, as previously stated, only holds enough that it will take you so long, you might as well wait for cloud storage.