Sleep mode + BF4

Hey all,

"minor" issue here. So I when i say xbox off and xbox on my BF4 is ready to play but I am prompt by the "i lost connection to EA servers" and it will not connect unless i quit BF4 and relaunch it. Also i believe when i do that my campaign save gets deleted because it has happened twice so far. 

1) How can i put xbox 1 into sleep mode with having to restart BF4 each time?

2) how can i prevent my save game from being deleted?




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I do, menu button and hit quit but ill check out the video, thanks.

Ill reinstall for extra measure

Here is a link to show you how to quit apps games etc]

Bf4 is broken all the issues you describe everybody is having, you see not alone.

Do you know how to quit an app or game from main page ? If not I'll tell you but YouTube is full of guides to do all sorts on xboxone.

You may have a corrupt file. Maybe you should try uninstalling BF4 and reinstalling it.