Skyrim's install only 3.8 G's

I would have expected a game of this supposed magnitude to have far more data on the disc.  3.8 seems like a small amount when you consider that some games have had 7 Gig installs.  Granted, a lot of this would have been made up of mirrored data for easier access when playing directly from the disc, but still.  What do you guys think?


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I think they have some new crazy compression system in play, plus they do know how to make open world games.

This is a bit like when "Soul Calibur" was running on the Dreamcast in shops and people refused to believe it wasn't a PS 2.


You're conditioned to believe that bigger is better but it was in the developer diaries for "Fable II" that they told you that they were making leaps and bounds in their ability to compress data every single day.


The fact of the matter is a huge and brilliant game doesn't require a huge install size and judging games by their install sizes is simply an ignorant thing to do.


And if you don't believe me... well check out "Skyrim".



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I think they have some new crazy compression system in play, plus they do know how to make open world games.



I would have said this aswell, or something along these lines, from the couple of reviews I've seen a few people said "This Is The Biggest RPG Of This Generation" so it's not a small game lol.

Az...being a little unfair as usual with the condescending tone. Fact is, the average gamer wouldnt know about disk compression, if they have been regularly installing ggames to the HD of the console, they would frequently see installs from 5gb to 7.8GB installs, Arkham City comes in at the 7.8 mark and AC II and Brotherhood hit just under 5gb each.

The Fact that a game as huge as Skyrim has made use of disk compression to bring it under 4gb, for those not with large HDs is a good thing, and hopefully its DLC, when it gets some will be share in that compression.

So an install size of 3.8gb is a surprise to most people...doesnt mean they are ignorant

I'm not judging it all by the install size.  In fact, how could anyone judge anything without first even having a decent amount of playtime with it?  I was just shocked as to how small the install was, relative to the supposed size and depth of the game.  By the same token though, Dark Souls installed at 4 Gig and was a game that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Compression must be coming along leaps and bounds.  As I said earlier though, mostly games on a disc will be made up of mirrored data to allow easier access when playing from disc.  Whereas before, games would have been copied to the HDD with the mirrored data intact, now, after a past update, the games are copied without the mirrored data, hence the smaller install.