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Will you be able to cast silence on dragons to prevent them from casting fire etc.?


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No you won't.


Silence stops a magic user from using magic.


Dragons produce fire naturally.


If you were fond of literature in "Oblivion" you may have come accross an ancient tome that goes into great detail about the ancient Nords.


I don't remember the name but it describes the power of magical words spoken by ancient Nords, some of which could stop an army.


You will have this power as you play the last of the dragonborn and if I understand correctly defeating a dragon will give you the power of it's magic which becomes a new "word attack".


Hope that helps.




(I think the book is available in the Cheydenhal bookshop)

^lol.. please tell me you didnt read all the books in Oblivion? I know your a fan.. but c'mon dude..

Some of the books in Oblivion/TES are a really good read! (Though most of them are too brief on details to be worth the effort).

As Az says silence is unlikley to effect shouts as they are different to standard magic. Although I guess you may get a shout that supresses other shouts.