Skyrim: Fan interview

So, it appears you can get married (I hope this is handled better than in, say, Fable.

They have reduced the number of parts in a complete set of armour.

And they refuse to confirm whether we can vampire/werewold/etc.

(And a bunch of other things, though not really much of interest/new).


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Porphyric Hemophiliahas ( Vampirism Desease) and Saneous Lupinous (Warewolf Desease ) have to be in there,They are both part of  elder scrolls lore they cant just remove it. Granted there were no warewolves in oblivion but im hoping they add it to this instalment

Yeh, I would hope if they weren't including them they'd just come out and say it.

Of course it could be a case of they're still deciding how well what they're doing works and so are unsure whether they will end up including them.

It does come across that they want everyone to believe its going to be a massive gaming world in which to roam around it....they have a high benchmark in Oblivion that expectations of anything less will leave a very bad taste in peoples mouths....I didnt like Oblivion at the time of release, but may pick it up again before Skyrim just to see what its all about

God what is the point in this addition. Next they'll spout off some nonsense about some new 'innovation' where you can engage in coitus with your significant other with Kinect.

Kinect srsly has so much potential as a device for *** games. It's such a shame that the genre is limited to obscure PC games.

Cheers for posting this UYI, just been through it and despite a lot of vague answers there is some cool stuff in there. Disappointed Todd wussed out on the Vamp/Lychan answer, but I suppose they have to hold something back. And did Q3 really answer clothing (un-armoured skill)? Hate reading things like this, just makes me want to play it MMOORREE!