Skyrim - Daedric Quests question...

So I've done 15 of the 16 daedric quests and haven't got the achievement I'm stuck on the last one which is "The Whispering Door"  I can't seem to spawn the quest I spoke to Jarl Balgruuf and no quest? Also as the achievement is Collect "15 Daedric Artifacts" Does it matter if I don't still have them? I no which quests I've done but can't remember if I got the daedric item as some are missable...

So if anyone has any tips on the quest...


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Ask the Innkeepers in Whiterun if they have "Heard any rumours lately?" to pick up "The Whispering Door" quest.

The Skeleton Key doesn't count towards this cheevo. Nor does the Axe you can choose to receive from Clavicus Vile instead of choosing his mask.

Yeah doesn't work, I've read how to do it... but it isn't working... I sided with the storm cloaks so the Jarl is in Solitute.

Ah sorry mate.

Take a look through the Bugs & Notes here:

Some of those quests can be frustrating in that if you dont know what to do to OBTAIN not just complete a quest like the one where you had to kill the guy when the lord told you to, a mask maybe?

I had the same issue, had enough items for the cheevo but the cheevo never unlocked, 1 of 2 cheevos that failed to unlock in Skyrim for me the other being a mission from the Rebellion story line, despite doing the mission, capturing the fort no cheevo unlocked, and couldnt go back and do it on that playthrough as the fort was in stormcloak

Yeah the problem is starting a quest... everything says "after hearing rumours" but no one saying what I want to hear... >_< I think I'll have to start again to get this achievement and concentrate on the Deadric Quests... I wanted to have another play through anyway as there's things I wish i knew on my first play through that I know now...

Thanks for help and advice though guys... it's just annoying >_<

You are asking more than once right? she didnt tell me the rumour right away, i just kept pestering

Hmmm I think I only asked once? maybe that has something to do with it.

Ahhh! Yeah asked her a couple of times more and I got it.... I hate it when it's that simple.... Cheers PoisonRogue.

Probably won't get the achievement now >_<

Glad i could help!