Skydrift xbla

what a brilliant game, i'd never heard of it before browsing the marketplace last night and its awesome


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I know, I was sent a review code today for my website - and I've not completed the review yet by a longshot, but OMG it's like Hydro Thunder with Planes instead of boats, but only better!!!!

I've played the demo, and I want it lots!!

yup, it reminds me of HYDRO THUNDER ('cept with planes) only with added combat, the controls feel just right, the combat's simple and effective thanks to a generous lock on, the levels are great and it looks gorgeous for an arcade title - well impressed!

Never even heard of it but just looked it up on youtube and it looks great. Shame there is too many other games out at the moment or coming soon to give it justice.

downloaded yesterday and i can say it,s good fun!

not played the online yet.

but there's loads of badges and planes to unlock also

plenty of different skins for each plane in the single player.

I bought it today, after picking up sme points - and all I can say is that its brilliant!!  Truly refreshing, and it needs to be played now!!  Why wasn't it part of the Summer of Arcade?  Its a lot better than Toy Soliers Cold War and From Dust!!

Glad your enjoying it mate, it's definetly a sleeper hit, all the reviews seem to agree aswell

maybe we should have a forum multiplayer night

could be a laugh

I finished my review now on and I gave it 9/10 - really truly is a great game, I agree that it should have been in the Summer of Arcade.  It's shocking how such a great game may go to waste because of poor marketing - I didn't even this was coming until a few days ago. When I saw a trailer for it, I knew it was going to be great, but hands on - it's superb... so much fun, and really, really fast gameplay!!