Sky Dive: Proximity Flight out now on XBLA

Looks quite good, but I wish it was more aimed towards just jumping off really high things and choosing when to deploy your parachute and maybe aiming to land inside targets on the ground, because the graphics look great.





Gaijin Entertainment and Topware Interactive today announced that the exhilarating sport of wingsuit flying is now available for download on Xbox LIVE® online entertainment network as an Arcade game for the Xbox 360® games and entertainment system from Microsoft.

Inspired by the extreme sport of base jumping, Skydive: Proximity Flight sends you soaring over picturesque landscapes and majestic, real life locations. Skydive: Proximity Flight is now available for digital download through Xbox LIVE for £5.59 and €6.99.

«Skydive: Proximity Flight lets players experience the heart-pumping adrenaline of base jumping with realistic graphics, precision sound effects and stunning landscapes, all without the potentially horrifying physical consequences of the real thing», said Kirill Yudintsev, Creative Director of Gaijin Entertainment. «And with Kinect support, this experience will be all the more real, so try not to hit your living room floor»!

Skydive: Proximity Flight features motion controls allowing you to speed up, maneuver and soar over exquisite panoramas of real life landscapes. Gaining confidence, you can then begin to control your body and execute mind-blowing tricks normally only attempted by professionals. For those of you who are exceptionally adventurous, Skydive: Proximity Flight also allows you to create your own death defying tricks and show them off to your friends.

Skydive: Proximity Flight Features:

  • Xbox 360® users can soar using a gamepad or can choose to use their hands and body to execute dangerous tricks with help of Kinect™;
  • Game modes include Adrenaline Race, Routes, Tricks and Freestyle:
    • Adrenaline Race: Race against the computer, friends or other flyers on the leaderboard by using adrenaline to increase speed, rewind time to make adjustments and perform death defying tricks
    • Routes: Try to fly through increasing more difficult routes marked by rings
    • Tricks: Execute aerial maneuvers that increase in complexity, adding more danger and excitement
    • Freestyle: Select any jump off location and create your own routes, incorporating difficult tricks and then sharing them with the community

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Interesting, actually sounds like it could be good fun.  I saw a dude in a wing suit reaching over 200mph less than 2 feet away from the rock face on Stan Lee's Superhumans the other night.  Bloke was radio rental!

Thanks for the info. I agree with Gencharooni, it does sound like pretty good fun!

Well done for making me sound like Pasta!  ;-)

I was aiming for a Tweenie ;) lol!!

I do wonder about you lot sometimes.Gonna give the demo a go as it sounds fun.Something a little different as well,which is good.