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I bought myself some Skullcandy Uprock headphones yesterday to listen to music on my iPod Touch 4th Generation and for listening to music on my Xbox 360 (Needed a change from my Turtlebeach- too big and bulky).

I am experiencing problems already- I plug them into my iPod and they sound amazing, but if i move the 3.5mm jack slightly to the left- the music cuts off and sounds very uneven, obviously if my iPod is in my pocket then this will happen alot and its not very practical. The problem also happens on my Xbox, if the jack is moved ever so slighlty to the left it will give me the same issue.


I have purchased another pair to see if mine are faulty- the problem is still there, I am wondering if i bought a 3.5mm-3.5mm adaptor from eBay for a £1.45 will that fix the problem or are the Skullcandy just not made for this kind of use?


Thank you.


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I forgot to mention that my Sony headphones work fine and dont have this issue if i move the jack, also my Skullcandy Smokin' Buds also havent got this problem.


I was searching around on Google to see if I could get a solution to the same issue I'm having as you. I am more into solving this issue for my iPod than anything, considering I'm almost always listening to it. I've had these headphones for a couple of weeks, and they were doing fine during that period, and now they're messing up all of a sudden...

I've come to notice that any Skullcandy headphones with external audio controls tend to interfere with your playback. They're usually made for specific models, I've come to notice. I had an old pair that I sold on eBay a while back that worked perfectly with the 3rd generation iPod touch, and simply made me rage when I was listening on my 4th gen.

I have no clue if it has to do with external playback controls, or if it's simply something in the hardware itself, and I assume because you're having the exact same issue on your controller, that maybe it's just the Skullcandy brand perhaps..

Sorry, I know everyone hates these "Oh I have the same problem" Responses, but I desperately need help with this myself (I hate using the standard iPod earbuds -.-).

Hopefully I can find a solution after doing a little more investigation.

Its the jack socket itself. When you move the jack slightly, in either direction, one of the contacts will not be passing signal.

Just dont move the jack, everytime you do, it bends slightly and sooner or later the jack will just fall out of the socket.

Been through too many replacements on guitars. (I tend to stand on leads.)

I discovered this just now. On the Skullcandy headphones, there are 4 separated sections on the jack, as opposed to the usual 3 on standard headphones. I imagine the contacts on the jack aren't 100% compatible with the port on the device itself. I'm going to start using the headphones with the jack not all the way in, but close to it.

So far I haven't had any problems, and I was even yanking the cord in different directions and what-not. I haven't gone for a skate with them like this yet though, I'll test it out a little and see how it goes.

Well, they worked for about 40 minutes of my skate...I think Skullcandy needs to re-design these sad sobs, in my opinion.