Since there are so many negative threads…who see positive into the future of Xbox?

I do! :) 

I would like to know if anyone of you imagine a awesome new Xbox console. 

Whatever this rumors say, I will prefer to try it all out before I can rate it. 

Any thought´s about this? 


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I believe that the 8th generation of gaming will be revolutionary.

As a gamer new hardware is always a good thing for the industry.Personally I will wait for official word from MS 1st to decide which console I buy 1st but I will be picking both up within 12 months of launch. Until the launch librarys for both consoles are decided people will be on the fence however the 360 has plenty of titles to keep it going for another year at least maybe even 2

I see two possible futures when I pear into my magic 8 Ball.

Billions of more Gaming hours among the millions of Gamers that thoroughly enjoy the 8th Generation, along with a vocal minority amongst the interweebs who turn the hate key on everything. Or separation between those who simply enjoy Gaming and those who do it because they think it brings them a status symbol.

Now that I think about it, probably all of the above.

I can see this being a good console cycle.  The Ram, CPU power, GPU power, etc should allow for much better physics, AI, and generally everything.  Can help make the story more immersive.  And they have the power to add in new play interfaces such as allowing a tablet to be a data pad in the game so you can control the game normally but then use the tablet/phone for inventory, keypads, map, radar, etc.

Would also love to see a joint venture where there is cross platform play with games.  Allow companies to build there game to let gamers compete that way.  That would mean that an MP game with a small community on each console could play together thus having a larger community to play with.

I would love to see more social features integrated into the gaming experience.  Not just chat but video and such.  Maybe have it where a player can leave a video helping others out when they are stuck or in-game tips, advice, or just show.  I would never use those features and could not care less about them but I am sure some would like them.  And the more people playing means the possibility for more great games.

I hope that this helps the PC out as well.  I have played to many good games that were catered to the consoles and did not even come close to utilizing my PC.  Those games may have been better on PC by a little but it could have been a lot.  Now, they can make a console game and then any improvements for PC could really show something.

My only hope is that ultra realistic graphics is not the main focus.  Sure, it may be cool but gaming needs more robust content at this point.  Not the same experiences with better graphics (although better graphics as well as other things is nice).  I could imagine more realistic battlefields in Battlefield Bad Company or COD.  I could see smarter AI.  I could see alternate art styles really coming to life on the screen with smooth, cool effects.

Lastly, I would like to see a renewed effort to help small devs publish content.  Give them a chance to show their stuff and make great games.

Judging by Ultimp's post, sounds like a console as powerful as a PC.

So we have 5 people who think positive about Xbox?

I hope the others are just too shy to post :D

I like to think positive about anything, until evidence shows i shouldnt be.


And no evidence has been presented for the Xbox good or bad, so honestly, i am neutral. I will not say the next Xbox will be awesome blindly like a fanboy, but  i also wont look negatively on the product UNTIL some evidence is presented that i SHOULD feel negative about the product.

I would agree with the majority of the other posts, this is going to be something amazing.  The hardware specs (minus the Wii U) this generation are incredible, just think when your playing the current gen games that blow your mind with graphics, what it will be like with the new hardware packed inside the box.  It's a win no matter what for all of us gamers/consumers.

If I get as many hours in, as I have in the past, it's plans on being a great set-up sooooo game on!  Mobile Post

I think it'll take 18-24 mos. to really come into its own. Once the first wave of hardware comes out and either proves itself to be more reliable than previous MS consoles, or when it gets to the stage where whatever defects are finally being fixed. I haven't seen a single game yet, either. Maybe they stumble out of the gate and have no games, maybe they have some aces up their sleeve. I also don't concern myself with specs, I have no idea what the heck runs a 360 or PS3, but if MS doesn't produce a reliable machine and a quality library of games, and provide enough memory to sustain the consoles features, I certainly would not get one.

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