Sims 3 help!

Ive been playing sims for about 3 hours now and a Sim has died. Everytime I try to move position to cater for the other Sims I get a message saying 'You cannot leave this area right now. A Sim is meeting Death!'

Is there anyway to get out of this position as I have been stuck here for about an hour now! :(


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I think once a Sims dies, s/he hangs round for 5 in game hours before death comes along. What is the dead sim doing? Can you resurrect her/him?

I have done that, I waited for the whole 5 hours, but nothing happened. On the events that he needs to do the first one says 'Expire' and it will not let me remove it, then I got loads stacking up like be arrested, return to netherworld, pass out and pee self...

Bump. Anyone? I don't really want to restart this! :(

Use the karma power to resurect the Sim.

he's only just started so he wouldn't have that power.

i've had this (but then i locked him in a room so he would die) i loaded up one of my other saves and i am currently working on getting the resurect sim to fix it.

Oh ok. Weird, I never had any problems with the game.

OH OH! i just had a thought. i have aging turned off... so if you have aging turned off this maybe the problem!

Nope, ageing is on. Will both Karma unlocks and Karma points be transferred over to my glitched save if I create another family?