Silver account but I can still play online?

So yer I got my self a cheap xbox one pre owned the other day. Got it with FIFA (on the hard drive) and Dead rising 3 on disc. Not tried Dead Rising yet but for some reason I can play FIFA 14 and Killer Instincts online without issue. Why is this as I am only a silver account and have not added any trials to my account or anything. Can anyone explain why this is happening? Am not complaining at all it is just a little weird.


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You need to be gold

My guess is his profile is still on the box and it was his home console. So by you adding your silver account, you have access to the gold features because of his profile. Thats just my guess though.

Thanks for the reply. I don't think there is another profile on there. When I first switched the xb1 on I had to choose language and stuff like you would on a brand new console.

The original owners profile is stored in the cloud, maybe the service is registering the console as "Home"?

Peace, J.R.

Is there anyway to find out?

If FIFA disappears or is unplayable one day... then you know it is no longer his Home. But you can be pretty sure at the moment that it is.

You get 1 month free live!

I'm fairly sure that consoles no longer come with free live, certainly not for existing accounts as I never received it. Also, that first month would appear as Gold on the profile, the OP is clearly using a silver account.

I'd be more than happy to roll with the 'home console' theory and just don't be surprised when such a privilege comes to an end.