Sign In problems linked to account.

So for about 6 months now I have been having this issue where I cannot sign in to Xbox-Live until I reset my router. At first I thought It may be my router so I updated the firmware. After that failed to solve the Issue I tried to connect via ethernet cable and stop using Wi-Fi as It seemed to happen less when connected via ethernet cable. Again the problem continued to happen. Now last night when I was at a buddies I signed into my account on his Xbox and went to play Call of Duty: Ghosts and could not fetch my profile. I went to the dashboard and got stuck in a loading loop trying to load the dash. I then restarted the Xbox, signed into my account locally and could not connect to Xbox-Live. I tested the connection and it said I could connect to everything but Xbox-Live. So I restarted the Xbox and still the same thing. So I restarted the Xbox and signed into my buddies account and it signed into Xbox-Live without a cinch. 

Funny thing is when testing the connection on my Xbox it would say everything is fine and sign me in to live but when I went to the dash it would disconnect me from live again and the problem would persist (until i reset my router).

Any help would be appreciated to alleviate these problems. 



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