Should Microsoft change the box for the Xbox One now that there will be 2 versions?

I'm thinking that since the Xbox with the kinect will now be looked at as the premium version, how about having them come in a box designed similar(not the same!) to the Day One edtion to give it a more upgraded look compared to the basic kinectless SKU which can continue in the current green boxes. The Day One boxes make the Xbox One look much more distinctive IMO.


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I think the Xbox One with Kinect boxes should remain the same. And the versions without kinect should just be regular brown cardboard boxes with Xbox written on it in green crayon.

Lool sword styles.

What's up with all of these dumb threads lately? Seriously?!

well least he said the day one looked better, i feel slightly better about my big hulking mass of metal and plastic lol i thought this thread was goin down the slim road :/

Oh its over, this brand is in systematic shut down, right now we are seeing stage sell as much of it as we can before the brand sells, we can hide the motive by saying things like 50-75% off or free games as long as you wait a couple months after release.

Lol no wonder support gave me free live time for no reason when i called them the other day.

Changing the box would be a slap in the face to anyone who didn't want the kinect but wants the same box design (sans kinect).

They should make the $399 Xbox One the color white... that'll make some of you Day Oners even more thrilled lol