Should i upgrade?

I have the old xbox model, one of the console about a year or two before the slims. I want to know should i upgrade to a slim as my current console does not have an HDMI port but has the HDMI composite cable and will occasionally overheat on some games like need for speed the run. The over heating can be solved with an install but i don't have that much room on my console. 60gb. So should I upgrade?


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Do you have disposable income to spend on it?

Do you want it?

Will you use it enough to justify its cost with a possible new console in the near future?

With those questions asked should you upgrade?

If you choose to do so you can trade in your console at gamestop and make the new one figuratively cheaper.

If the HDMI is that important to you and you don't plan on getting the next gen console than I would upgrade especially if you trade the old one in towards it.


Personally I'd wait and save my money for a next gen console. You could grab a cheap flash drive and use that for storage or game installs to solve your overheating issues.

k thanks was just wondering if i should. Just felt to expensive ill just go find a bigger hard drive.

[quote user="ManiacLedhead"]my current console does not have an HDMI port[/quote]It's living on borrowed time.[quote]So should I upgrade?[/quote]Can you wait until the media announcement in May? If the news is good, can you wait until the holiday season 2013 for whatever is announced to become available?


Adding an old style HDD to a console with no HDMI port is throwing good money after bad. I'd either go 250GB/320GB console or wait.

I had a launch 360 that was replaced many times (red rings ect..)  I love my X360 Slim, and from the sounds of things your console is already starting to have issues.  Instead of wasting money on just a hard drive, get yourself the complete package.  You will be happy that you did.

use flash drives until you can see if you want to get the new one...

If it still works keep it going. The next gen will be out near the holiday time,save your money for that...

I myself am keeping my fingers crossed cause iam still playing on the release model lol..Sent it in 3x yrs ago for rrod.But its still going strong..

I have a 20g model and I bought a 120g hardrive on ebay for 40 bucks. Months later I bought a new tv but only had 1 component input so I was stuck connecting and disconnecting so I bought a component to hdmi converter on Amazon for 35...overall upgrading my 360 cost me 75 bucks. If you can find a slim version for less than that then go for it...If not, then you do have options that will only get cheaper once they announce the next xbox.