Should I send my 360 off for a repair?


Quick question for the past few days my xbox has acted a little funny. Last week after turning the console of it made a very loud wizzing noise for about 15 seconds then went silent. Ever since every so often it won't read any discs. Like just now I put in ME2 and it said disk unreadable. I took it out and put it back in it loaded up but then again said disk unreadable. I put dark souls in and it worked. A few days ago it would not play Dark souls at first but after ejecting the disk it worked. It also done it with battlefield 3 once I got that working it froze after about 1 hour.

It is a 4gb slim console. The 1 year warranty expires in February. Will they even repair it as it is not exactly broken (yet). At the moment am thinking of just leaving it until after new year when everything is back to normal then sending it off.

Edit: Off topic but is it me or dose every ones gamecard only show the last 3 games played now instead of last 5?


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If your console is not working I would  send it off for repair, or at least phone or see if you can book it for a repair.

If you console is still under warranty and is experiencing the problems you are describing, send it off for a repair as it will only get worse and possibly totally fail on you. As to your second question, the new media apps dont have gamerpics yet so they show up as blank squares

Thanks to both of you. Do you think it will be wise to book a repair now or after the new year? I have a spare xbox upstairs so I won't be missing out or anything.

Mukka as you have a spare xbox to see you through the xmas period, I'd get on the phone first thing and sort out your knackered xbox. The earlier you get it sorted the better-you never know by keep playing it, it may cancel out your warranty hence due to doing worse damage and then you get nothing.But I would say thats at least the worse case. Hope you get it sorted pal.

Personally I would book it in for repair now. Why oput it off, especially since you have a spare 360 to game on.


Just remember to remove your hard drive if you added one or copy the files on the 4gb internal to a USB, as it is possible you could be given a replacement console.

You might as well book it now, when it gets picked up will depend on their collection hours over Xmas and new year, but you could be lucky and get it collected the week before new year, also follow the advice of VoteDC, use cloud storage to back up your save files and profiles just in case you get a replacement console back

Thanks all going to request a repair now via I put a hard drive in the console I can just take it out.

Agreed with all of the above, it won't get any better so best get it fixed before the warranty expires!

Remember to double check you aint left a game in the xbox and dont send it away in the original box as you wont get it back also dont send any of the cables away when your sending it off

Good luck in a speedy return!

Disc read errors, there are a few fixes you could do yourself if you're willing to do it.  It's always/usually best to have someone else fix it if you're not confident.

I remember when my console began to play up.  Sometimes it would read discs, sometimes not.  Then it got to the point where it would take 10 minutes of ejecting and inserting the discs again for it to read it.  Then it refused to read it.

In the end I paid 10 quid for a new laser, replaced it myself (fairly simple) and now it works like a charm.  A laser replacement wouldn't take as long as sending it off, but more risky.

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