Should I get Homefront?

No one that I know has the game and I'm wondering if its worth it, keep in mind I would only be getting it purely for the online.


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I loved it.

It's better than CoD and people still play it online. I never had a problem getting a game.

Campaign while short was cool too.

Solid online game with up to 32 players.

Nice weapons - great vehicles / drones.

Final level of the SP is a blast.

I found it ok, nothing special. You can get it a bit cheaper now £17.85 from Zavvi so it may be worth a shot.

If you can get it under £20 then id say yes, i put a lot of hours into Homefront, ranked to 75 twice over, games good fun online, and although the single player is short ( 3 hours ) you can tell they put a lot of care love into it, it had soul at least i felt it did, so yea pick it up, its better than Black Cocks anyway.

3 hours! I think Ill wait for the price to drop a little lower.

Was also thinking about getting this game, Will wait until price drops a bit more.

Don't bother. If you don't like COD games you won't like Homefront to me atleast all homefront does is show how every issue with COD if put on a larger scale simply makes the issue more prominent, from 2 shot snipers to spawn campers to making vehicles seemingly super powered (I mean 4 RPG's to take down just a jeep ?)

I thought the game was a bit boring after a while and the campaign while ok was way WAY too short. If you are a member of a renting site like loveilm etc I would get it from there to try first but if you do remember you will need to buy a battle code if you want to level up past level 5. You can still play when u get to that level but just wont rank up without the code

In a word.....No