Should I be worried?

After logging on to my account tonight, I noticed that my avatar had on a different shirt than what I had put her in last.  I saw my avatar dressed in the outfit that I had chosen after doing it so it's not like I accidentally clicked on the wrong shirt or anything. Is this something to worry about or can this just happen?  Thanks in advance.


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just to be safe change your password.

Or maybe someone you live with is having a laugh, not a very funny one but each to their own.

It's not possible that someone I live with did it.  I think I will change my password just in case.

You know, after I posted this, I realized that it was only showing up with a different shirt on when I was on the main social tab. When I actually clicked on my avatar, she was in the entire outfit that I put her in. If I switched back to the main view again, there she was with a different shirt on again. Weird. Like I said, I'm gonna change my password. Thanks for the replies.

Hello there! Might want to run over this Account Security Checklist, to ensure that your account is protected and safe. If you believe your Account has been compromised look at this article.

If you signed in and got a message that your account was last signed in on another xbox then you should worry.

Either way, change your password. That way you know you have at least done that. It  is the easiest step you can take to secure your account. I would also go over the Account Security Checklist. Better safe the sorry.