For some unknown reason GAME have just cancelled my order for Battlefield 3! 

Is Shopto reliable when it comes to being delivered on time? 


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Ordered about 7 or 8 games from there, all of them but one arrived the day after dispatch(they seem to dispatch games on Wednesdays), the one that didn't was Ace Combat last week but that still arrived on release day. Recommended.

For me Shopto have always got the games a day sometimes two early to me.

Extremely reliable.In 3 years of using them i think only one game turned up on day of release,the rest have always turned up before.

Dawww I don't know what to go for now. As I have found ASDA are doing BF:3 for £33.97. Shopto are going it for £36.97 I think.

I just found a £5 off offer with ASDA as well, so this time round I am going with ASDA but I will also sign to Shopto for in the future.

Thanks Guys =]

but do you get the extra maps and physical warfare pack like the preorder from shopto.

I get the extra maps but not the guns. I think only BestBuy, Gamestation and GAME have the Warfare packs included in the LTD.

Yeah I just quickly read through the limited edition on shopto and it doesn't mention anything about the Warfare Pack. Ive missed it out please correct me. But you may want to check your order just in case.

The physical war pack is Game group exclusive, you'll still get the maps though, you just miss out on some weapons.

I care more about the maps really. I don't use shotguns or snipers.