Shift 2 Problems..........

Just a few points that are hacking me off. Any info/help is much appreciated.

1. I know there are issues with lap times disappearing, but does anyone know when this will be sorted? My times and a friends times were gone but his are back, and mine aren't yet. Annoying, especially as it took me forever to get a decent time on Nordschleife at night!

2. I downloaded the Speedhunters pack earlier today. I have completed every race from that pack and beaten both of the rivals, yet its given me no achievements for doing so. Any one else got this problem?

3. Lastly, EA. Sort it out. The first Shift didn't have any bugs for me, Shift 2 has plenty, Fifa 09 is completely broken (won't even let me start career mode) and Fifa 11 won't let me go past December 31st in career mode, plus various other UT problems.

All I can say is at least BFBC 1 & 2 and Crysis 2 are completely bug free for me, otherwise EA wouldn't be getting a single penny from me again.

Rant over.


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Tried this game and hated it, Thought it was a real let down! Only my opinion of course :-)

I havent had any issues, done the speedhunters pack and got the achievements. try clearing your cache and re-downloading the latest patch. Other than that not sure what to suggest.

The achievement thing might just be a problem with my xbox. I went on WWE Smackdown 2008 last night and it gave me an achievement for something that i've never even attempted. So who knows when i'll get it! But I will try that if all else fails!

Blaydon Rac3s - Was it the dodgy handling that put you off? That annoyed me when I got it but I just changed the sensitivity and its fine now.

No problems for me either. Speedhunters pack downloaded, played, completed and cheevos given out where necessary.

Only issue with it was the 800pts price for what is essentially an hours worth of play. The 'Legends' pack was brilliant, this one, not so great.

Yep totally agree 800 points is too much, as you say the legends pack was well worth it. This one felt just tacked on, could've just been in the game from the start.

have u sorted it yet bmg ?? if so how lol cos im having the same problem no achievments? ive had problems with the dlc on this game from start lol

Dowloaded the legends pack and speedhunters at the sametime and i had the events but the cars where not in the car lot so i cleared my cache tryed again no good, so i deleted the dlc and redownloaded them both problem solved so i thought right lets bang on and try these new events completed em and not 1 achievment ?? WTF !! Help lol

I had the same problem with these achievements not popping up. I played some FIFA, put Shift 2 back in, and 4 achievements that I should have got earlier popped up.