Hi everyone I posting a question hoping someone will be able to help?So here it is....... I bought SHIFT2 pre/owned so the pre on line pass code had been used (Downer). I go into the shop in side the game and I try to down load it from there although I get an error code?.Also for the down load it says its free which to be honest does not sound right. I have gone through the games add ons here through the although I can not see nothing in regards to the pass except DLC for cars and tracks. Please can someone enlighten me and show me the way to get on line and to where I can purchase the pass code?. Many thanks.........

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The SHIFT 2 Unleashed™ Online pass gives you access to online modes, $10,000 in-game cash to put towards your dream car and double XP for the first 24 hours to jump-start your career.

Just had a look for you and your right, no online pass in the market place.

You can normally buy passes for games when you select "play online" or whatever on the menus. When I played MK it gave you the option when you clicked "play online".

I think it's normally in the game menus somewhere rather than on the marketplace.

I have been on the phone with xbox support and they confirmed it is an issue which is caused somehow by EA dropping the ball. I have been told to contact EA support direct, armed with my xbox support ticket reference number. I was also told by the support guy that EA would be able to issue me with an online pass code over the phone as they have failed to supply the code via the in-game store.

I followed your link friend although it does not give you the option to buy,it is just telling you what I already know.

Thanks anyhow.

It gives me a 2 day free trail option although I have not used this,may be when I do and it runs out it may give me the option to re new (I am hoping).

Thanks for the fast replies lads

I didn't think there was an online pass for Shift2? I certainly dont remember using one.

There should have been three option's when you attempted to play online.

1) 24hr trial

2) redeem code

3) purchase code

If you have already accepted the 24hr trial you will just have to wait till it's over, you might get an option to purchase after that ?


They were very helpfulf and I was not on the phone too long aswell.

I told them the code was void.they asked me to read it out then they gave me a new one.

I would say you could only do this once as it would look quite wrong if you kept phoning stating your codes are wrong.

So be careful"boy cryed wolf".

You should still be able to race online without the code im sure.

* Please try a lower page number.

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