Shadows of the damned, buy it

I finished Shadows of the Damned this evening, what a great game it is, it saddens me that its been overlooked by the masses.

During the ending there are hints at a sequel, please go out and buy this great game otherwise the developers may reconsider, like i said i finished it today and all i want is more,  it was made by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, and Suda 51 who made No More Heroes, its like Resident Evil 5, but set in hell. its a mad game, but in a very good way!


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Flopped in sales, don't expect a follow up. Shame.

I loved it, one of the better games this year. Great humor also.

I liked it, but I'd recommend it as a rental rather than a purchase. There's some good humour, the gameplay takes a bit of getting used and theres some very strange sh*t going on too!!! Two things annoyed me - the fact you had to get the weapon related achievements within a couple of levels because once the weapon levelled up, theres no going back and the difficulty achievements never stacked. Sacrilege!!! OP, if you really liked SotD then I'd suggest playing Splatterhouse. If you haven't played it already, that is.

Plan on picking this up soon, I've seen it as little as £15 now

yeah it could have done with a "New Game + " option also, so once you finish you could play again starting with all your upgrades, instead of starting from scratch. When i finished i only had around 40 of the available 80 upgrades.

The weapon achievements were easy i just used nothing but that particular weapon until i killed the required number of demons, then changed weapon.

I wonder how many people finished it then skipped the credits? don't, after the credits theres a hilarious attempt at a rap song by your sidekick johnson, i won't reveal anymore, i'll just say its worth the 10 minutes wait for the credits to roll,  

I refuse to bash a game due to cheevo's lol that's just such a weak point

i refuse to bash the game at all, its hilarious

I love it too, almost finished, it's a crime it's been so overlooked.

I actually have it on my Lovefilm list so after reading this it's something to look forward to.

Much better game than many people gave it credit for.


Entertaining to play and a good laugh to boot.



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