sf x tekken ease of play

is it as hard as ssf or does it have a nsimple mode like mvc3 or just easy to play?


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There is no simple mode.

The gem system doesn't really help.

The game is as complex as SSF, with a few differences obviously. Some inputs are easier others are less so.

On the whole it is not an easy game to get into and it has technical problems.

If you are doubting it, don't bother with it. The game is really only for pro players. If that's not you then you will not enjoy this game, especailly if you don't have lots of friends to play with.

Thank you

@ SuperSoldier -  There is easy inputs and very easy inputs for beginners.  The gem system isn't as game breaking as immediately thought, so that's a good thing.  The game is deep and also accessible for beginners.  There is a sound problem when playing online, which is partly due to the netcode.  The problem is being addressed in an upcoming patch that is due out soon.  When looking for advice with regard to any game, don't ever ask Strangeotron, that is the best advice one can give you.  The guy is morose, and constantly picks fault with absolutely every game that he plays.

easy inputs will not help you play the game because there is much more than just the inputs.

The game is not accessible for beginners: the mechanics are not explained. Even the trials mode is not properly designed as it doesn't teach how to do a lot of thigns some of the moves are built on require, including stances for certain characters.

It's a very sloppy lazy effort.

You cannot say that the problem is going to be fixed when it isn't fixed. It might be, but then again if the people concerned couldn't be bothered to get the game working to begin with there is little impetus to do so having made their money.

The OP can make up his own mind. You, however, can *** off. He wanted advice, I gave him objective advice. You have resorted to abuse and hyperbole.

Why anybody entertains your stupidity on here is beyond me.  You are, without any shadow of doubt, a complete and utter moron.  Why don't you join the games industry and see what you can come up with in any genre.  I fear that any concept deriving from a mind as fragile and inadequate as yours, however simple, would fall foul from jeers of laughter and humiliation.  You're a joke, and everybody on any forum that you've visited would consider you so.  

And another thing... You're the one who constantly uses profanity, whether it be on here or against someone unlucky enough to have met you in a fighting game.   As soon as someone disagrees with you you start swearing.  Wash your potty mouth out with some soap, and the rest of you while you're at it.

Profanity gets filtered so you don't get to read it.

I find with any fighting game, its all about finding the right character for you and your own playing style


All fighting games can be complex, but all fighters have their strength's and weaknesses, not seen a single fighting game come to market that its not been true on

O/P, don't waste your time listening to Strangeotron as he seems to have a bee in his bonnet about EVERY game he plays.

[quote user="Strangeotron"]

Profanity gets filtered so you don't get to read it.


You serious?

You are so abusive when you are triggering the content filter is very obvious what the filtered words are....you need to step away from the keyboard if you get so angry you have to rely on the content filter to edit your rants 

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