sexually abusive and verbally abusive players and explicit video chat content including marijuana usage on the old video Kinect cameras on uno

I was just wondering because I've been sending feedback on more than one gamertag on this specific player why she has not been banned yet. Fore using explicit language being over aggressive. over aggressive sexually using the video chat camera the old one on uno being verbally abusive in Marathi and disrespectful and also on the video chat camera smoking marijuana in showing way too much skin being way too sexually over aggressive. her gamertag is. [Mod Removed]I was just wondering why she hasn't been banned yet and also her friend being over aggressive and abusive in verbally **** of in the in game voice chat his gamertag is. [Mod Removed]


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You can't name and shame on these forums as it is against the rules. Also nobody here can help you here. Just give it some time for them to get to your case. They will review it and find the evidence. If you have filed a complaint you have done your part. Just be patient if what you say is true she will get what comes to her if she is violating the code of conduct.

Block the users as well.  In Uno there should be a function to disable seeing anyone's live vision camera.  As far as the abusive language, I always plug in my headset, turn the volume all the way down and mute my mic. Then I'll leave the headset next to me.  This method has worked wonders for my interactions on CoD.

That´s why I never use the vision cam while palying UNO.

I did for a while till I saw something that was so disgusting…it´s not even close to what you saw.

You can switch your video chat to friends only which I would recommend you to do.

It makes all much more relaxing and you don´t need to worry to see some weirdoos.

You can do that in your privacy settings. 

Uno has been an adult game for a while now...years, in fact.  That's why I ignore all requests to play it.  When someone sends me a request, I know what they're thinking.  Just an innocent game of uno?  I think not.  

Interesting UNO fact, when someone joins the XBLPET their first task is to play Uno looking for creepers

@x24hrs2livex - really? That's a great thing to know! I hope the OP sees that; it means the XBLPET are aware of this issue at least. I'm sure it's been resolved on the Xbox One already, as for the 360, I doubt we'll see much change. Sorry about your encounter, seanracing.

Well you know if you feel like the business of Xbox isn't responding to your reports, you can file with the BBB for customer neglegence. You can be one of many that keeps Its rating an F like it already is

Since I turned off the cam, UNO is a nice game.

I have fun playing it when I am sleepy but still feel like pressing the A and B button lol