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So currently I have an AV Receiver in my Home Theater setup. Will that work with X1?

Right now Xbox 360, BluRay and DirectTv plug into AV Receiver via HDMI and 1 HDMI cable runs behind wall to TV.  

With X1 I expect to have setup as follows:

X1 and Xbox 360 plug into AV Receiver.

DirecTv box plugs into X1.

Dont need Blu-Ray any longer so will move to another TV.

Will this work? Will X1 be able to control the AV Receiver and TV?  When I say "Xbox, On" will it turn on the X1, TV and AV Receiver?  When I say "Xbox, Raise Volume" will the X1 raise the volume on the AV Receiver?


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Sounds very similar to how i now plan to have my set up.I am simply going to plug my AVR out (which now goes to the TV) into the one then the on output to the TV.From my understanding it will control AVR volume but not  input selection ..

I can't imagine why that wouldn't work. That's exactly what I'm going to be doing.

Feed The Machine.  Your plan seems better. Then the Xbox 360 will show up in the Xbox One Live TV if it is turned on and the AVReceiver is set to its input.  Really would be good idea for MS to put out a FAQ with suggested ways to setup things like this.

So far, I've only seen the set-up process for the TV codes.  I've not seen other device options given yet...but hoping that is possible too.  

It'll be interesting to see how they deal with setups that have AV receivers in them and if they will allow the Kinect to control them as well(Volume and on/off).

In addition to being able to control the A/V receiver...I also need the HDMI passthough in the Xbox One to work even when the Xbox One is in standby (i.e. continue to pass through audio/video even when not using Xbox One).

Feed The Machine. On second thought if the AV Receiver goes through the X1 then how will sound from games and internet media get to AV Receiver to be sent to speakers.

It might be possible to run an optical from TV to A/V receiver and set TV to external speakers.  Obviously, the HDMI in is designed to be used with a cable/satellite box.  I wouldn't recommend hooking up your Xbox One in between your receiver and your display.