Setting Up XBox WiFi Recognition in Windows 7

I want to set up my Windows 7 to stream video to my XBox 360 S, via a wireless router...

As I understand it, in Win 7, you do this thru the Windows Media Player, via Configure Sharing in the Options tab. But for some reason, my Windows Media Player doesn't show any Configure Sharing under the Options tab...

With that in mind, just how do I Configure Share in Win 7 Media Player, so as to add the XBox 360 to devices?

BTW, my XBox, just a room away, can't pick up the wireless router signal....


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I have a Tenda Model No. N60 Wireless Router, Thanks.

Use google and you will find your answer. There are a bunch of guides for setting up media sharing between WMP and the 360 and troubleshooting. There are several things that can interfere even if WMP is setup correctly like your overall windows network sharing settings and firewall settings.


Also yes the 360 Slim wifi will work fine if your router is set for dual band. Whole point of a dual band router is that it works with 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz simultaneously. Lets you get the faster speed and better reception of 5Ghz on newer devices while still having older devices work on 2.4Ghz. Also lets devices that support both further increase their bandwidth by using both at the same time.


Maybe post the type of router you have that would help.

My router is dual-band; will my XBox still recognize the router if both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands are activated?

And where can I get more info on that external adapter? (Still needed for XBox 360 SLIM Model?)

Thanks for feedback!

xbox only puts out and recieves the 2.4 ghz signal. won't recognize the 5 ghz one unless youre using an external adaptor