Setting up Xbox Live on Virgin

I've been asked to go around to my nephews to set up his Xbox Live, as it's his birthday and he wants to get online.  Now, he'll be using a wireless adaptor to connect to  to his Virgin router, but I have no idea if he even has wireless set as on.  Also, I will need to get into the router manager, how can I do that on Virgin?  Is there any specific configuration that any of you guys can help me with that will make his online play seamless and problem free?


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On the bottom of my router has the login name and password (unless its been changed) my virgin router has built in wifi.

Just ensure he has port forwarding and UPnP turned on and he should be fine for online

Thanks for that, Viral, but how do you go about getting into the router manager?  I have a feeling that his mum won't have any sort of hub software in order to connect to the router in order to change the settings.  Now I know, being on BT, that you can connect to the router by punching in a few numbers like 192. and so on, in order to connect to your hub manager.  How do I do this on Virgin?

It is usually on any internet browser, as long as that machine is already connected to the router. That works for most routers.

I get into mine using the network center on the controll panel in my network list gives me the option goto device webpage.

Or use IP address

Thanks very much for the help, lads.

To get to the configuration page on most routers, you need to type its IP address into your browsers address bar.  This IP address varies from router to router, but common IP's are or  For example, on Belkin routers you type and press enter.

Unless you've changed your router's IP, do a google search on your router's make and model to find it's IP, easy.

You can also find the IP via the Windows Command Prompt by entering ipconfig/all and pressing enter. This shows your network settings, the 'Default Gateway' IP is your router.