Setting up Indi developer account as student.

Having issues with not being able to select student option when joining app hub. Contacted support who said the indi developer support only responds through this forum. Have posted transcript of chat with xbox support below.
info: at 4:16:27
“Please wait for an agent to respond. You are currently '1' in the queue.”
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You are now chatting with 'Cristina M.'.
Cristina M.: at 4:16:43
Thank you for contacting Xbox customer support. My name is Cristina. How can I help you today?
you: at 4:17:34
Hi there, Im trying to sign up for the indie xbox 360 developer program using my dream spark account and there is no student option.
Cristina M.: at 4:18:44
Hi, I hope you are feeling well today . I understand that you want to sign up for an Xbox 360 developer program. Just to avoid any confusion, may I know the particular name of this indie program you want to sign up for?
Cristina M.: at 4:18:53
May I also know your name by the way?
you: at 4:19:25
you: at 4:19:42
Also it is the 'Xbox Live Indie Games'
you: at 4:19:45
you: at 4:19:53
through dreamspark
Cristina M.: at 4:20:15
Thank you for these information, Nicholas. Please give me a few minutes to check on my resources to better assist you with this one.
you: at 4:21:22
OK, cool.
Cristina M.: at 4:23:59
Thank you very much for patiently waiting, Nicholas. I've checked on the website and as it turns out, the best thing to do is for you to post at the forums at the Xbox Indie Games page. The moderators of the said page should be able to answer your queries on signing up for this particular program. Please click on the link below:
Cristina M.: at 4:24:12
Xbox Live Indie Games
Cristina M.: at 4:25:24
Is the link working on your end, Nicholas
Cristina M.: at 4:25:28
you: at 4:26:16
I am trying to become an indie developer. The fee should be waved as I have a dreamspark premium account although you website is still trying to charge me.
you: at 4:26:37
That form seems to be for retail support for indie games on xbl.
Cristina M.: at 4:26:57
May I know if you have linked your DreamSpark account to your Xbox Live's?
you: at 4:27:12
Yes I have.
you: at 4:27:33
I have dream spark premium and MSDN-AA linked.
Cristina M.: at 4:28:21
May I know when you set up the account or when you have linked them up?
you: at 4:28:56
Two days ago.
Cristina M.: at 4:30:05
Alright, I see. I've checked on the link that you have provided me, and as I can see here, you should post questions about the program at the Xbox LIve Community Forums. It's on the lower portion of the page.
Cristina M.: at 4:30:23
That's in number 4.
you: at 4:31:05
That links to a landing page for msdn.
you: at 4:31:14
That article is out of date.
you: at 4:31:25
Which is why I have contacted support.
Cristina M.: at 4:33:33
Yes, I understand. As specified on the page, the right place to go to right now if the Forums Page at Please make sure to create a thread with a title that will give the members of the community a clear idea of what your concern is.
Cristina M.: at 4:33:49
Xbox Live Community Forums
Cristina M.: at 4:34:23
*is the
you: at 4:35:23
"Xbox LIVE Indie Games community forums" Are inaccessible for people who are not registered as indie developers.
you: at 4:35:45
The forum you linked was for consumers, I am interested in developer support.
Cristina M.: at 4:38:49
I understand, Nicholas. However, even I cannot get into this page you want to get into. What I suggest you to do is register for the program first and then post your questioon(s) at that particular page. Once advised with what to do, you can contact us back if you would ever need assistance in the charge that would be billed on your account. If the charge would appear on your account, we could do the necessary adjustments according to what would be told to us to do so.
you: at 4:40:38
So you are saying that I should pay the fee and the make a post on the community forum asking to be remembered for the cost?
Cristina M.: at 4:42:13
Right now, Nicholas, I'm very sorry, but that's all I can recommend you to do as this is actually already outside my support scope. As you have noticed, even I cannot get into the correct page for you to be able to post the questions you need answered.
you: at 4:45:11
That seems a ridiculous. Having to pay the fee and then ask the community to sort out me getting a refund. Are you sure this is the correct process?
Cristina M.: at 4:47:30
Actually, just like what I have told you earlier, it would be better if you post first at the general page at the forum. This is because we have the same people/team moderating the forums page, so they should be bale to attend to your concern. In that way, you will be guided properly first before signing up for the program.
you: at 4:48:37
Which forum are you referring to? We have discussed 3 in this conversation.
Cristina M.: at 4:49:09
The Community Discussion page, Nicholas. The one below:
Cristina M.: at 4:49:19
General Discussion
you: at 4:50:10
Which sub-category would you recommend?
Cristina M.: at 4:51:08
I'd recommend that you post at the Xbox General Discussion Page for now, Nicholas.
you: at 4:52:35
But this isnt a General Xbox Issue. This is an issue with your website for developers. Not retail support. Is there an actual support link, or is everything from here left up to the community?
Cristina M.: at 4:54:25
For now, Nicholas, this is the only page that I'd recommend you to post at that page as you cannot yet access the support page for indie developer.  Please click on the link below to check on discussions regarding indie developer for Xbox 360 games.
Cristina M.: at 4:54:37
Indie Developers
you: at 4:57:26
Is there actual support for intendant developers I can contact? I am not interested in a community forum.
Cristina M.: at 4:58:59
I'm very sorry, Nicholas, but as we do not have a support page for developer that I have access to aside from the one you have mentioned, which can only be accessed once you are already part of the program. Anyway, these pages at the forums are moderated by the same team.
you: at 4:59:37
The same team as what?
Cristina M.: at 5:00:57
I mean, the forums, whatever page you are in, are moderated by just the same team. I believe that even the moderators for the Xbox 360 indie program page are from the same department.
you: at 5:02:19
You believe or you know?
Cristina M.: at 5:02:46
I know this for sure, Nicholas.
you: at 5:03:31
So you know for sure that the moderators of the Xbox 360 indie program forum and the xbox 360 general forum are the same?
Cristina M.: at 5:04:26
Yes, they are from the same support department.
you: at 5:04:54
So why can I not contact them directly?
Cristina M.: at 5:05:50
Actually, they can only be reached through the forums, even us from our department do not have a direct line to communicate with them, so for concerns like yours, the best option we give is to post at the forums.

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