Setting up headset

Hey guys i am planning on buying Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 and that would be my first headset for a console.

Now what buggs me is some people say i need aditional adapter (RCA Audio Cable Adapter) since i am using HDMI cable, is that true?

And also i saw some ppl saying that they cant connect that adapter together with HDMI on Xbox 360 Slim since they are too close to each other, is that also true?

I have Xbox 360 Slim.


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Yes, it is true that you will need that adapter for use with an HDMI cable.  I'm not sure about the fit on a slim, but you could consider this instead of HDMI and the other adapter.

Thanks :)

There's a tab on the adapter that will block the HDMI port. What I did was just cut off the tab, and both HDMI cable and adapter will fit.

Actually, what I did was use HDMI to my HDTV for video, and use the a/v cable the came with the 360 for audio. I'm not sure if the adapter that's sold amazon has it, but the tab I mentioned is actually on the a/v cable that came with the console.

So if you have the a/v cables, you won't need an adapter! Just cut off the tab that's on the a/v cable. I now have the HDMI going to my TV, and the a/v(red/white) cable going to my Logitech F540.