Service an old-out of warranty Xbox 360 is a pain.....

I got problem with my Xbox 360 on Saturday 26/09/15. It suddenly switched off and I couldn't switch it on again. I can hear "cling" sound when I touch the power button but no green light on the console. The led light on the power brick was amber. I tried to unplug and reconnect everything with no luck.  I made service order for  Order type: Xbox 360 S - OOW - Standard Exchange and I paid AU $115.50 for the service. I got the e-label for Auspost on Monday.

On Tuesday 29/09/15 I went to Auspost to send the console, but when Auspost scanned the barcode, they said that the e-label couldn't be recognized and refused to send the item unless I paid the postage fee. I contacted XBOX customer support and they said it will be resolved.

On Wednesday someone send me a new e-label, and surprisingly it was the same e-label that has been rejected before!. I went to Auspost and they rejected the  e-label again. I just wondering if I got the fake e-label. I contacted the customer service again and they just promised me that it will be solved. 

On Thursday I contacted cs again and hope this can be solved, but it seems that I had to tell the same story over and over again. It seems that Microsoft as a big company didn't take it seriously. I don't even want to try to post it again, because I never know whether your e-label is real or fake. I canceled my order, since this waste my time too much. I'll  get replacement console from EB-Games instead because it's cheaper than the service fee. And for the next console, Xbox variance will not be on my list for sure!


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