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I was thinking of purchasing either Serious Sam The first encounter or the second encounter on XBLA, but was unsure which to get. I've played the demos of both and enjoyed each.

Does TSE have more weapons than the first?
Do they have equal sized campaigns?



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There both around the same length but are quite replayable, you can get them both on a disc im pretty sure...retail stores dont seem to stock them though


There you go dude ... both 1 & 2 FOR £10.98


You're welcome ;)

i highly recommend them, there old school and fun. especially the dudes running at you screaming with to hands of dynamite. ;)

Number 2 has the same guns accept 2 new ones if i can remember its pretty much the same as number 1

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There you go dude ... both 1 & 2 FOR £10.98


You're welcome ;)


Ooh, that's a good deal! I assume the disc contains both versions seperately (same amount of gamerscore as XLBA versions and they come up as two seperate games?)

Thanks for pointing it out before I went ahead and bought one of them! I have a fair amount of points to use, but I'll save those for Battlefield 3 maps or something.