September's Gamerscore Challenge

Ok, Sting R won August's Challenge, so who's up for winning this months?

Title: September's Gamerscore Challenge

Winner's Reward: Bragging rights!

Duration: 21 days
Code: LR824RYY

Send this URL to friends so they can join:

Sign up will be open until Thursday the 8th September, and the Challenge will start about 6-7am Friday the 9th.


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Just finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution and have mixed feelings about it.

It's a good game but it doesn't seem to have much replay value to me given that what you do during the game doesn't have any effect on the ending other than earning an achievement.

Think I'll stick with the 515g I've gotten from it and remember it as a pleasant but unremarkable gaming experience.

Challenge update - 9/28/2011

Here is a recap... LeslieBond007 is the current leader by gaining an unbelievable 1,095 points! That is the rock-star action right there. When you count it up, all 24 challengers gained 2315 points. LeslieBond007 added 1,095, wonderfulwest added 245, oo yungstar oo added 185, Xenovive added 160, theboy83uk added 105, jake razzberry added 90, lewgiffard added 85, i am roadrunner added 80, The One Saxton added 75, Misguided Ghost added 60, The Nolla added 50, FiDRoC added 45, Jurassic Parky added 25, and Scowy added 15. There are 2 days left, so... yeah... plenty of time. Ready your breakfasts and eat hearty...for tonight, we dine on achievement points!

Good idea Vote.

Challenge update - 9/21/2011

Another day, another long list of achievement points. Let's add it all up! LeslieBond007 swung the whooping stick and took the lead by gaining 670 points. When you count it up, all 24 challengers gained 1540 points. LeslieBond007 added 670, TheZer0Element added 150, Misguided Ghost added 130, oo yungstar oo added 110, LadyHawk added 100, Jurassic Parky added 90, Inapplicable added 85, st1ng r added 60, The Nolla added 45, Aukmune added 25, surekill added 25, Scowy added 20, theboy83uk added 15, and Xenovive added 15. Just remember, 9 days might sound like a lot of time, but it really isn't. The excitement continues tomorrow!

Challenge update - 9/29/2011

A challenge day worth noting! (although what day isn't right?) LeslieBond007 is out in front for the time being by earning 275 points. Overall, the 24 total challengers put up a total of 930 points, so at least people are competing! LeslieBond007 added 275, wonderfulwest added 195, The One Saxton added 100, Misguided Ghost added 80, HayleeLOL added 70, Scowy added 40, oo yungstar oo added 35, Aukmune added 35, theboy83uk added 30, lewgiffard added 20, FiDRoC added 20, jake razzberry added 20, and Jurassic Parky added 10. So who do you think is going to pull it out? Check back tomorrow!

As of now, there is an hour left, so well done LeslieBond007!!!  Next month's Challenge signup will be up later!!

[quote user="TootieTazzy"][quote user="FiDRoC"]Im in too .... but purely to make other people look better ;)[/quote]After my poor show last time, I'll pay you to make me look better ;)[/quote]Haha, you love it Tootie!

Its all about the taking part, as well as laughing out aloud at the ultra-competitive comments posted on the 360voice challenge board!

2 Days left if anyone else wishes to join!!!

[quote user="voteDC"]

Seems I missed two achievements in Deus Ex because if you don't do the first one, you don't even get the second conversation.

[/quote]Well that sucks sir. Ive been attempting to 3 star all the levels on Angry Birds. 

Challenge update - 9/13/2011

Here is a recap... st1ng r threw down and ended up with the lead today by sucking out 180 points. When you count it up, all 24 challengers gained 2265 points. oo yungstar oo added 840, LeslieBond007 added 325, wonderfulwest added 280, st1ng r added 180, i am roadrunner added 115, Misguided Ghost added 110, theboy83uk added 80, The Nolla added 75, Jurassic Parky added 65, Aukmune added 45, TheZer0Element added 35, lewgiffard added 30, surekill added 25, Scowy added 15, TootieTazzy added 15, Piztup added 10, FiDRoC added 10, and Scozz117 added 10. If I were you, I would keep my eye on oo yungstar oo... Today's gain is only a hint of what is possible.

There are 17 days left, so... yeah... plenty of time. Check back tomorrow for some hard-hitting challenge action!

4 days left to sign up

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