Sent my One for repair

So a month ago I sent my one in for repair because the controller kept disconnecting and they sent me one in the exchange program... Told me that when mine was fixed would send theirs back and I would get mine back. Well, they sent me one that reads no discs. For over three weeks now they have been saying mine would be sent back when fixed. (I have all the chat transcripts) TODAY they tell me no you got one to replace it. I don't want one that does not read discs for one that controller disconnected, do not see where this is a fair trade... I bought mine BRAND NEW and you are sending me refurbished POS to replace it? Now I have to do another repair, place another $400.00 hold on my checking account, and pay another $16.00, in hopes that I get one that might actually work!!! Just wonder how many more times I will be lied to, sent POS, and not be able to play until this is resolved. If I would have been told the truth from the beginning, that I would NEVER see the one I bought brand new again, I would not have sent it in.


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