sent in 4 times, still broken!

I have sent my Xbox 360 in four times for repair. This has been going since June...almost 5 months. They keep saying its fixed but when I get it back it does the same thing. The power light comes on for second and goes right back off. The console and power brick have supposedly been replaced. I was just discussing with a support agent via chat and she just left the chat with no resolutuon. This is the worst customer service I have ever had. I have a Xbox I bought brand new, it worked for 6 months, died, and I have been without it ever since despite sending it in FOUR times. What a terrible way to treat a customer.


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Same thing happened to me with the Original 8GB Xbox. I would send it in with Dirty Disc Errors, and they would send it back to me claiming that it was repaired, only it wasn't repaired.

3rd time I sent it in they replaced it with a console that after I hooked up started sparking internally. So I sent that one in and.. Well, it no longer had sparks flying, but lo and behold. Unreconized Disc errors.

Needless to say by the time I got it back again the warranty period was now over and the thing was still not reading discs. Not even DVD's.

Best thing to do is keep calling support and save the conversation. Case numbers etc and hope for the best. That's all you can do!