Sennheiser Xbox Gaming Headsets?

Has anyone ever tried any of these out? (Sennheiser, in my opinion, makes hands down the best headphones and headsets due to their extended frequency response (beyond human hearing) so they handle the lows and highs without any issues plus minimal to zero audible distortion which means great quality even at high volumes). I would love to get one of the Xbox Headsets but I'm curious if anyone has tried them out. There is only one youtube vid and it's in German and I forgot all my German so thats no good to me. I've thought about for the longest time getting an Astro Mixamp and Sennheiser PC 350s for Xbox gaming but it is just way too expensive compared to other options, especially considering the X 320 shown in the link is only $150. I like my Turtle Beach X4s but the distortion is terrible and they cannot handle the low end rumble. My Sennheiser HD 428s run circles around the TBs but they don't have a mic so are only good for music.


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Looks like it just connects to the RCA output so you wouldn't get any decent surround sound emulation. Most of the other headsets that are just stereo take the Dolby 5.1 from the optical out and then downmix that to a stereo output so you get a decent emulation. With this it would be like taking a basic Sennheiser set of headphones and plugging them in to a headphone out on your display. Not that great seems more like a cash in on the brand since it can't produce decent results without that Dolby emulation. Basically just turn off the Dolby Processing on your X4s and that is what you would get.

I'd suggest waiting for the Tritton Warhead 7.1 and see what the reviews say.  I'm currently looking around for a new set of headsets after I broke my AX PROs.

The Warhead 7.1 are expensive ($200+ according to some rumors it'll be around $260) but it seems to get everything right out of every other headset I've used.  

Sennheiser is much higher end than Tritton. While I haven't looked into the model(s) the OP is talking about, anything Sennheiser makes is audiophile grade, while Tritton (from what I've seen) seems kind of juvenile. Putting the two brands side-by-side, I wouldn't even consider Tritton.

Agree with the mentions of "Cashing in" regarding Tritton, seem to be really playing of the Turtle Beach game. Whereas I know Sennheiser very well for their high-grade audio products

I prefer Beyerdynamic over Sennhneiser. But Audio technia, Shures, AKG, are very good headphones.

Cool! Thanks for the heads-up OP. I didn't know Sennheiser ventured into the xbox world-Sennheiser X 320, this is good news. I'm going to have to keep an eye on them for future console products.

It's probably the cheapest method to add Sennheiser to Xbox. It is stereo only unfortunately but it is sub $100 on amazon now. Of course, I'm loving my Sennheiser and Mixamp combo, downside is it cost me almost $300.

True, but their version of stereo is better than most and with the addition of an Astro mixamp or Turtle Beach DSS would make them even better. IMO, processed surround sound is just as good if not better than most home theaters or anything Tritton..... imo.    

Yea, I used stereo till my mixamp arrived and I times I thought it was simulated surround sound. Then with the mixamp so amazing. I just wish the wired mixamp had a bass boost option or equalizer to adjust highs/mids/lows. The way I had my Senns plugged in when stereo was RCA to the Aux in on my shelf stereo system and my headphone jack into the headphone out. Some games I was dissapointed at first with them (like BF3) but adjusting the audio from Hi-Fi to Home Cinema fixed the issues. The way the X 320s are though, you can't pair them with any amp as they have a biuilt in amp and an interesting connection style. I don't know how good they are, but I can only assume (since they are Sennys) that they kick @@@! lol.