Sending my new xbox one in for repairs :(((((

I been a Die-hand MS/xbox fan from day one, I bought Xbox the first day MS released it and love it, drop Sony like a Rock!! I had no trouble at all with the 2 regular xbox I bought, then came the 360 I have had to buy 3 cause of the rrod and one son had to have 2. So 7 total 360's I had to buy.. But I still love play xbox...then came Xbox One, I got the Day One system and got son a Xbox One, and my Cd Rom won't work and makes Loud noise,.. So what I'm asking when I send my Xbox One in for Repair and if Ms Sends me a diff Xbox One, Do I lose all my saved games and all other info I have on it??? And my serial number won't match my paper work??? Cause it's a sad day when I get my Xbox one back, I'm going back to Sony!!! :(((( I'm really sad, I wanted to do the Avanced Exchanged but MS hold $500 on my credit card, if i knew I needed to save $1100 dollars and not $550 cause of broken systems I would have just got a PS4.... Xbox has cost me a lot of money in systems, and I'm on a fix income and can't do it I have NO choice but to change my gaming system, :((((( MS I want to thank you for all the fun you have gave me over the years, but on a fix income I just can't keep buying broken systems, I really do Love xbox gaming, I have me n 2 sons that game, and I'm have to go with the systems that I think going to last, cause that's $1600 plus in systems that I buy and I can't keep replacing them, younger son wanting one now not sure what to do...

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