Sending and receiving messages on my Android

It seems like I can send messages to my friends on line through my Android smartphone on Xbox Live, but I don't know where to get their answers. There's no place I can see them. Different from my laptop from which I can send and receive clearly.

Can anybody help?




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Just go to on your phone's browser and you'll be able to send and read messages.

Thanks a lot! It's working fine.

how  do i redeem my code

CAR2626 hover mouse over my account top right redeem code option in drop down menu, or if that doesn't work click on my account scroll to bottom where it says billing the option to redeem code is under that.

Another option for sending messages is the Xbox Smartglass app. You can send messages and see who is online and playing which games from that.

My gamertag is xXiKi11T0j0Xx some how or one has gotten my account suspended until 12/31/9999 and I can't sign in to Xbox live. I just brought a three month live card an used it and can't even play with my friends on live. I need someone to fix this matter as soon as possible. You can contact me at [Mod Removed]


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You shouldn't post your phone number on a public forum. There are many people who will attempt to prank call you.

What you need to do is ask about the ban in the account suspension section That section is fully moderated, so don't worry if your post doesn't show up straight away. They will tell you the reason for your ban.

If you feel this happened while the account was outside of your control then you'll need to contact support and open an Unauthorised Access Case. If they find in your favour then you'll have the chance to have your account unbanned. Bear in mind though that they can tell on what consoles an account has been used.

Hey there xXiKi11T0j0Xx


voteDC is correct spot on correct, please be sure to follow through with his advice. I have removed the phone number from your post because as stated, the last thing we want to see if you getting unbecoming phone calls.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send me a PM.

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