Sell to CEX online experiences ?

Basically as title. Thinking of selling a game or two to CEX through the online site as selling on other sites just cant guarantee a sale. I need money sooner rather than later.

So whats everyones experience selling games to CEX online ? Or even instore if needed. Do they have cash instore and do they try to worm out of giving you the set price for cash ?.

Many thanks all


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Cex is a brilliant place to sell your old mobile phone and a great place to get GAME and Grainger to price match trade in value.


Look on the website and you'll see how much they offer cash and trade.


Go to the shop WITH picture ID (driver's license or passport are best) and they'll make you a CEX account and give you a little card.


Then you may sell in store.  Walk in with the goods, walk out with the cash.



I sell all my games to Cex instore, I've heard nothing but bad things about the on-line side of things. I've also bought 2/3 items from the on-line and that was just as bad.

Scene it cost me 50p so I didn't moan but the case came with no disk inside, and when I e-mailed them about it (no phone number) they told me to pay to send it back myself and they would sort it. For the sake of 50p I just left it.

Ah, another CEX thread.

Good times.

CEX are usually ok with what they offer - i mean you can get good coin for GoW3 if you want. However this assumes they have money in their tills as, bizarrely, they often don't. BTW you can buy gears new for less than they charge for it second hand and you don't get the DLC codes either.

Of course dealing with them requires you stand in a huge queue for ages listening to the most obnoxiosuly loud music they can find, usually emo rock.

The staff are pretty thick at times: they don't check the quality of that qhich they buy in and are happy to sell incomplete products all the time.

You also need to be a member, though i question how this stops them buying in huge amounts of 'hot' materials.

Lol, have you been to the Merry Hill one by any chance? :P

Strangeotron just summed up my local CEx perfectly. hate the shop but they do give the best prices for games although i rarely trade now.

Bought from them before and as above the experience was ....unique. Never sold though but no one else (from what I can see) is offering as much for the Gears 3 Limited Edition £45 cash.

Wanted to ideally send the game but even selling instore seems like a hassle. :(

Thanks all..

Selling instore has always been fine for me. If they don't have enough cash, go back the next day. Just turn up early.

Its just the hassle for me. I'm disabled due to very bad leg joints so multiple trips are not desirable.

Will try instore early next week and hope for the best. reading some online reviews for the sell-to option, they always try to downgrade the worth of your games VS online prices.

So is morning best for selling or would mid-day be better due to more sales made ?. Or do everyone just sell to them and not buy ? lol.

One more question - What are they like for selling a limited edition with contents missing ?.

Want to sell Gears of War 3 LE but I gave the Adam Fenix code away and I would like to keep the small flag if possible.

If they will give me less for keeping the flag I will trade with the rest. Need the money more than a cool flag ATM.

I have only ever had 1 experience trading in a limited edition before. It was the Dead Rising 2 Zombrex Edition the one with the pen. I wanted to keep the pen so I did. Took it to CEX and they gave me the full amount for it.

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