Sega transformed load error

Morning. I woke this morning wanting to play good old sonic transformed racing.... To find it now doesn't want to load my game save from the hard drive. They have got to be kidding. If it wasn't bad enough that the first game wouldn't accept the progress on my license and gve me the ultimate achievment. Now this game needs to have the save file deleted and start from the beginning. Tell me there is anther way....? It seems that all those hours and achievements and progress I've spend on that game are for nothing. I really don't think I will bother buying the next game in that series or from sumo digital. Such a shame. Let me know if anyone has had this problem on this game or others and any fixes?

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Both games worked fine.


That you had a problem with one would be plausible but if you're having a problem with both... it might be something you are doing yourself?

There is nothing I am doing other than the usual. Switch Xbox on, play game. Etc nothing out of the ordinary.

If I was on cloud saving would that stop this problem from occurring again?

Cos then I could just read the save game file from the cloud instead of my harddrive.

Sonic? I thought he died in the nineties..


But aye it does sound like it'd be a problem on your end. You mentioned a Licence. Are you talking about the Microsoft Licence thats tied to your machine, or an ingame Licence..? (I dont know the Sonic game your on about, so forgive my stupidness)


If it's the Microsoft one and you have ponced around with it by transfering it to another machine your going to have a few headaches from my experience.

The license was in the first game. Second game is just a corrupt save file. I've not transferred any files from anywhere. Just simply switch console on > play game (for hours) > switch console off. That's the cycle. It hasn't corrupt any other games. Just sonic. Shame really because it just weakens my support for the brand in the future. To the first time this has happened with a save file.

Cloud save an option in the future do u think? Either that or back up my save files every few days on another hard drive myself so that I never loose any info.