Sega Rally Online Arcade.

Now in the arcade store to download. Although it is the same as the game they brought out a couple of years back. But If you didn't play it back then it's worth 800 points.


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Deffinatley wothr 800 pts. Wonder if the online would cross with the full retail game??? As that was always pretty dead so could be good to revive it. Love the game myself really good old fashioned fun racer

Excellent! I actually enjoyed the last game, though ill admit I didnt stick with it. If it irons out a bit of the jerkiness the last showed and mixes with Arcade cabinet content im having it!

Whoa! This game is out already and it's basically the Sega Rally game that came out a few years ago?! I knew the game was coming but nothing I read said it was a reissue. That's disappointing as I was a massive fan of Sega Rally and was hoping Online Arcade was going to be a sequel of sorts. I guess the good news is I could buy it (again) and get some races online.

It's always worth trying the trial game first to see if you like it before buying. But it is a fun little game and will fill in some time  before the release of Dirt 3 next Tuesday.

I just did a little research and this is not a port of the most recent Sega Rally game. It's a mix of the most recent titles but basically runs on the arcade engine (not SR2008's). That's another disappointment. I'll download the trial tonight and see how I get on with it. Fingers crossed it's good.

I've tried the trial out and thoughtit it looked and played the same as 2008's game to be honest. I'll buy the full game later today.

Didn't like the game my self, not a fan of it at all, I'm getting rid of a couple of unused games on Saturday and that will be one of them.

Nice gamerpic SHOT BY A SCOT, I like it allot, seams to be a bit familiar to me for some reason though, can't think why