I wish they had a "rant" section because I'm starting to get real sick of this crap. 
I understand you're "just trying to protect me" but honestly, every time I move my xbox doesn't mean someone stole it. I'm getting extremely frustrated with having to confirm myself every. single. time i get on live. I move around a lot, so is there any way I can make this a part of my settings, so you don't think someone has hacked my account every time my internet IP address changes? I've had to change my password on numerous occasions when my own family wouldn't be able to guess it, let alone someone who doesn't know me. And It's not like spyware would be able to get it, because this is one of the first times I have gotten on live on the computer.
And quite frankly, I wouldn't have if it wasn't for the sheer irritation of having to confirm, that I am, in fact, myself.  


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No way to fix that problem, but what do you mean by move around a lot?

I thought that you could take it off. I did, But I don't remember exactly how to. I think it was a setting on the Xbox privacy section.