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Now I know this isn't exactly Xbox related but it appears steam have been hacked and passwords, credit cards etc compromised.

The reason I posted it here is because I know some people have the same passwords for lots of sites, so be warned if you do change it now.


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Thanks for the heads up. :)



Thanks for posting mate, thankfully though I never use the same password/email for different sites just incase of this sort of thing.

Just saw this on another site, i think this and the PSN incident should really make companies look at their security measures. Especially in an age where digital downloads are becoming more popular.


Found out about this a minute ago. Mad as hell I am. Anyone who says that this can't happen to XBL because they pay a monthly fee is being disingenuous

That's why I have no card info on my xbox account and my live password is different to any other

This is why I have an email address and password that is unique to Xbox LIVE, and I do not use this combination on any other websites.  Unfortunately, many people do not do this, either because they don't know the risk or are too idle to have many different email and password combinations.

Did you know that if you've played an EA game that you have an EA account?  Did you also know that EA accounts also use the same Windows LIVE ID?  If you haven't do so, go to EA, log in and change your details.  Even if you don't change the email address, at the very least change the password!

If you recently signed up for Call of Duty Elite, make sure you do the same for that too.

The best way to keep your account safe from a third party hack to insure your Windows LIVE ID is unique.

Thanks for the heads up,