Secret Castle - Indie - Kinect + Unity

platronic games has this puzzle type game they want to bring to x1 with unity.


obviously this game isnt some kind of console seller, but i think it shows you that devs are already trying to get creative with k2. the effect of a 2d image (your flat tv) appearing to be a window into a 3d world is super cool. obviously its still just that 2d image, but as you move your head, which kinect tracks, it creates the optical illusion. while these types of games are not my favorites, i can see adding this feature to games i do like to make them more immersive. for example say im playing my favorite franchise, halo, and i walk into a room and use my head to peer around and see a box of rockets hidden behind a table. granted i could have just walked into the room as we do now to look behind the table, but i think this would be far more immersive.


i think its also an interesting look at what the free unity game engine may bring. granted not great games, but possibly an influx of popular mobile games.


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Now, that is really cool! :D