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What is a season pass?  Is there a page on with a description/definition of what season passes are?


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A season pass gets you all the DLC for a game for a reduced price,but you pay for it long in advance.

This means you have no idea of the quality of that DLC before you have bought it.

Its also another excuse for developers to make the main game as shallow as possible.

Never bought a season pass to this day, and never will.

Thanks for your reply, THEOWENKILLER.

Well, you never know the quality of DLC until after you buy it, right?

Is there an expiration date for season passes, or do you just get all the DLC that ever comes out for the game?

True that you don`t know the quality before you buy it, but at least you know its description and what you are likely to get.

Buying so far in advance you have no idea if its going to be multiplayer,campaign or maybe just skins.

For me, i have no interest in multiplayer or skins, so a season pass would be a total waste of money if half of it was that type.

You don`t actually get everything with some season passes,borderlands 2 for example has one but there is lots that not included.

You would have to check with each game what is and isn`t included.

Fair point.  One last question: are season passes retroactive?  I mean, if I get a season pass after all the DLC has been released, do I get all that, or just the DLC that comes out subsequently?

Yes they are,you can buy them anytime.

I just realised i did once buy a season pass,but it was well after all the dlc was released.

It was for L.A noire and cost $2 during a sale.

Gotcha.  Thanks again for your replies!